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Paul Insect - Posion

Paul Insect is a bit of a mystery to me, impossible to put in a pigeon hole, his art outshines many artists who focus on one genre, his stencil work is up there with the best, his fine art prints cover all ends of the spectrum from the most brutally simple of images to some of the most intricate detail I have seen. On top of that he crafts skulls, tables, bullion, you name it to get his ideas across. Cant help but respect not only his body of work, but alsohis unique "anything goes" style and sense of humour.

JR 28millimetres Women

My new favourite photographer, JR does things different and on a HUGE scale. This show centred around his travels and ability to embed himself in to communities very differnt from his native french soil. Whether it be rural Africa of the favelas of Rio, JR extracts the most human, most true images of life there. Truly Jaw dropping, im glad Steve Lazarides took him in to his stable of Outsiders, his platform since has expanded from huge pastings on the side of the Tate Modern to panorics wrapping around central New Yorks streets.

War Paint @ The Lazarides Gallery

War Paint was a very unusual show, I didnt realise how much of Robert Del Naja's work I really loved. Del Naja is best known as 3D from Massive Attack who are without doubt one of the most ground breaking and influetial music collectives of the last two decades. His artwork will be familiar to fans of Unkle as he has contributed alongside Futura to their album art and inlays for that last few years, check out it out.

Made For Skate

This was a another Brick Lane classic - Nike footed the bill and the Made for Skate crew from Germany came through with a history lesson on the evolution of the skate shoe with scores of examples. The show wasbacked up with a fantastic montage of artwork and photoagrphy by UK based Blueprint Skateboards, click the pic for full article, they have recently had a book published showing exambles of all the old adverts and shoes, its actually quite epic in the flesh, check out Foyles, they have it instock for £25..................

Shepard Fairey - Nineteeneightyfouria

After visiting Shepard Faireys immensly influential art show on Brick Lane in 2007 I was inspired to start collecting his art, and from there writing up reviews of art shows I loved too, this was the first article I wrote, click the image for a better view of the article hosted on the mighty website.......