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Seize presents................

This month we are proud to welcome Andy Seize to the Temple with the introduction of his ‘War Games!’ print. Mr Seize has been the perpetrator of some of the most colourful and imaginative graff’ pieces seen on Londons walls over 20 years. Fresh off the back of the excellent ‘Size Matters’ solo show, Andy has given Mickey a ticket to ride his hotrod though a chemical splattered, missile toting wonderland of star spangled chaos! As ever, in stock and ready to ship.

So rewind to summer - Bash St Studios over East London to be exact and Andys major solo show explodes on to a white wall space with a mix of canvas and glass mounted action - 'Size Matters' had a great feeling of true street art evolved to canvas, only an overly creative mind with extensive spray-can-ology can come up with these layered gems - these pics were too fresh not to see the light of day - so have a peep and check out the burner on the outside wall.........siiiiiiick!

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