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Evening Standard Olympic Street Art

Small article in the Evening Standard today highlighting some of the great work our very own CODEFC has been putting out:

10,000 Years from Now

Finally made it to Lazarides for the latest Ian Francis solo show - 10,000 Years from Now, and its another jaw dropping chapter in what I can only see as art in its purest form, its pushing ideas forward, it looks amazing, you can love it without having studied art and take something away plus its right in front of you to see with your own eyes, not hidden in a collection and you just see images, or behind a glass cabinet or roped off area..............but if you arent in London - fear not, I took the Temple Cam and shot the whole affair, just incase you were off the grid for a moment.................. Show finishes on the 24th May - and dont let the photos fool you, they are shockingly poor in comparison to what the real thing (as ever thanks for letting me shoot)