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Eelus ....... The Colour Out of Space

2010 has been a crappy year for art shows in London so far, Ive seen about a dozen shows, but nothing has made me feel good about "art" until Eelus booked the plush Blackhall gallery space in Shoreditch.

Eelus has been blessing us with quality prints and pieces for a few years now, and his piece at Mutate Britains "One foot in the Grove" show for me was one of the standouts. Colour dominates this show as you would expect, and the next few print drops are going to be stunning and definitely one for the walls and not the ebay flips.

Faile - Lazarides...........

Mr Lazarides put on a follow up to last years excellent "Lost in the Glimmering Shadows" show to showcase a decade of Failes work - The Greek Street gallery was transformed in to an arcade, while the plsuher Rathbone Gallery had some of the highlights from their older shows........