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CODEFC - Cordy House

just a quick clip from CODEFC's visit to the roof tops above Cordy House......enjoy

Hells Half Acre

London has plenty of hidden gems – and this is possibly one of the most well hidden. Everyone knows about the heavily graff’d up Leake Street tunnel, but tucked away behind it is the random, derelict looking space that is The Old Vic Tunnels. Occupying this space for the last week was an art show to top any of Londons major showcases.

Right – Artwork, this truly is a display of “anything goes” there are a few floor to ceiling projections of snarling dogs going mental with deafening barks being played, that sets the tone straight away – thankfully the main rooms are a little calmer, almost too calm on the high seas – Conor Harrington has hung scores of gold galleons leading to his epic quintet of huge canvases

Some of the odder pieces start with Paul Insect, never afraid to try something different, and from a distance it appears a green deathstar is hanging in one of the arches, on closer inspection I realise I have 2000 loaded syringes pointing at me, this was aptly named Object Desi…