Usugrow "Hasadhu - The Night Before A Storm @ StolenSpace"

Ok, you know when you see something around and go “cool” but didn’t take the time to really check it out? Maybe it’s a tune you hear, or something in a shop window, and you forget to go back and check it? Well Usugrow has unknowingly fallen in to that category too many times for me to ignore. I have seen his work on limited edition vans shoes and shirts – plus on skateboards by Consolidated. So when the more observant people at the Stolen Space put on a solo show for Usugrow, the time has come to sit up, take notes and pay attention!

Usugrow has a darkside, well, perhaps not dark in a sinister sense, but you know those places where we lose ourselves in thought late night? Imagine that drifting feeling allowing the rise to a productive, creative, alter ego, in this case, it has a name, Hasadhu. This spirit could best be described as the manifestation of Usogrows influences forcing their way out, evident in his work is a disciplined love of calligraphy, japan, travelling, cholo tattoo styles and a need to present opposites in a “yin can hang with yang” way. Couple those elements with a healthy dose of skate culture and we have a beautiful, deep body of work – prints coming soon........


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